Monday, December 28, 2009

Yes, that's Senator Baucus (D) Montana. The more cruel among us might say he is channeling Ted Kennedy. Now, this is no freshman senator. No, this is the architect of the health care reform bill. This senator doesn't just sit on the senate finance committee, he chairs it. If you or I showed up on the job in this condition, we would be peeing in a cup and almost immediately fired! Why are these clowns held to a different standard? What I'm getting at here is; this is supposed to be a leader of our Senate and representative of his constituents. He crafted the health care bill. He is chairman of arguably the most powerful committee in the senate.

Oh, yes. I'm aware it happens on both sides of the aisle. Because legislators from both sides of the aisle show up drunk doesn't excuse it. Senator Baucus better hope his stay in rehab is covered by the Senate's health care plan. But then, the senate in its foresight probably provided for that a long time ago.

This little episode gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "drunk on power".

Somebody do an intervention.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My fellow Americans, I’m proud to bring you this announcement, one that I believe will be of great import to the people of Florida and in particular those citizens of the 86th district. I have to thank Ginny Brown-Waite, Representative for the 5th congressional district. She uncovered and reported a gross waste of nearly eighteen million dollars of taxpayer funds used to develop the website that is providing erroneous and inaccurate information. Congresswoman Waite used an example of $3 million dollars spent that supposedly created five jobs in Florida's 86th district. The problem, she pointed out was Florida has only twenty-five districts.
According to web site, the administration not only created jobs for the 86th district of Florida, it created the district itself! Miraculous!
And so, it had to happen. I’m so encouraged by recent support for my platform (both people who read it agree) that I have decided to run for representative for the 86th district of Florida. If our president can claim to have campaigned in all 57 states, I can run for the 86th district.
Hell, yes! I can’t lose, running on the assumption that no one will run against me. After all, how many people in the 86th district will disagree with my political philosophy? That is, throw the bums out and give me a chance (to be YOUR bum).
If you don’t like that philosophy, I have others.
I pledge that if elected, I will find those five workers, the 3million dollars and the answer to your question: “Where the Hell is the 86th district?”
I can hardly wait to represent those upstanding, hardworking people.
To quote the late, great Pat Paulson, “I’m just a common, ordinary, simple savior of America's destiny."
And I’m a community organizer!
And I don’t need a teleprompter.
I’m Mike Florey and I approve this message. And that’s one for the Republic.

Monday, December 21, 2009

By accepting compromise on the health care reform act, both sides of the aisle have merely watered down the evil. Starting out with bad legislation, it was stripped of the most egregious crime and left a gutted, rotting corpse of a law no one wants now, not even the left.

I've said it before and I will repeat it until someone proves me wrong: The old paradigm is dead. There is NO REASON TO COMPROMISE on law that makes no sense. There is no reason to compromise on bills that are unworkable, unwieldly and ultimately unconstitutional. The age of compromise is dead (or at least it should be).

Of course, if you question compromise as a political tool, you'll hear things like "We've always done it this way.' or "That's the way things are done." as if that was an unwritten rule of the go-along get-along lawmakers without the spine to just say "NO!"

Because "we've always done it this way" is the worst possible excuse to keep doing something wrong.

It was a pyrrhic victory for the administration. It was passing law for the sake of appearance. Just because you can pass a law doesn't mean you should.

I strongly suggest the lawmakers go home for the Holidays and grow a pair! Don't come back until you can demonstrate the courage of your convictions and stand up for your principles, if you still have any.

For the Republic

Mike Florey

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Baroken O'Rolex

According to Bret Baier writing for Fox News “court documents say White House party crashers Michaele and Tareq Salahi tried to pay off a $2,000 landscaping debt with an expensive designer watch that turned out to be broken — a fake — and worth only about a $100.”
That’s seems symbolic of everything associated with this entire administration. “While the president was missing from the Copenhagen concert and many of the other Nobel events, a replacement was found. A cardboard cutout version of the American leader was seen on stage during a charity benefit concert Thursday.”
I’m surprised anyone noticed the difference.
This entire administration is like that Salahi watch; a fake Rolex.
Maybe more like a ‘tribute’ rock band. NOT THE REAL BEATLES, BUT AN INCREDIBLE SIMULATION! You’ll hear what you expect, but somehow it isn’t quite right. Something doesn’t ring true.
At the Nobel peace prize presentation an appropriate band would have been a ‘tribute’ version of WAR. It wouldn’t be Lonnie Jordan and David Archuleta but “an incredible simulation!”
Just like the war in Afghanistan, this president would have you believe it’s not a war, but an incredible simulation.
On the very face of it, trying to justify war while accepting a ‘peace prize’ is the ultimate hypocrisy.
Trying to justify astronomical deficit spending in the midst of a depression is just as bad.
Continuing to spend our treasure and spill the precious blood of our troops on people who don’t appreciate it is worse.
And just like that watch, this administration is broken—a fake—and worth less than $100.

Monday, September 7, 2009

CNN: The Blonde Leading the Bland

In a commentary written for CNN by Rudy Ruiz he asks us to '"keep an open mind". It appears on the surface to appeal to our better nature and consider the opposing point of view. He compares it to a national illness of closed minds:

"As people shout over each other and tune out diverging views in town hall meetings, the health care debate is proving to be symptomatic of a major ailment threatening our nation:

A contagious culture of closed-mindedness threatens to suffocate our progress as a society."

There are times when we aren't justified in doing something just because we can. Sometimes the only reasonable answer is "NO". If the people have made their will known, who has the right to second-guess them? Should the legislature ignore the citizens and vote for the bill? Do they know best what's good for us?

Mister Ruiz writes a pretty good plea. It appears that the socialists have been reduced to pleading. Well, I'll keep an open mind.

I just won't let my brains fall out.

The answer is still "NO".

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Congressmen and senators, most notably from the left side of the aisle, have complained of citizens at town hall meetings. They have called the protesting people AstroTurf (meaning a false grassroots movement) or a mob led by the right wing.

Now, by definition a mob is leaderless. So, if we belong to a mob, we don't have a leader. Our congress is supposed to show leadership, so by calling us a mob, they imply they don't lead us.

Now THERE'S a conundrum only a beltway lawyer could untangle.

Frankly, I'm disappointed. I guess I give too much credit to the legislature. I gave them credit for more than calling there own constituents names and denying them a voice. Is it any wonder the most recent Gallup poll shows 66% of those questioned disapprove of the job congress is doing? There are only about4% undecided.

What does that tell us?

It tells us the 30% that do approve must live in Ron Paul's district.

Ron Paul speaks to packed houses while other congressmen have canceled their town hall meetings or have retreated to scaled-down, staged, scripted events and phone conferences!!! Ron Paul attends enormous public picnics and barbecues while his counterparts are hiding in their offices and sending out for MacRibb sandwiches.

Again, what does that tell us?

It tells us the mob is getting louder and more effective every day.

To quote a Kenneth Mars line from Mel Brooks' "Young Frankenstein": "A riot is an ugly thing...and its about time we had one!"

Sunday, August 23, 2009

"General Strike reporting, Sir!"

One of the sites I go to regularly has raised a question. What are the ramifications of using a general strike as a form of protest?
Here? In these United States?
Why that's nearly blasphemous. Isn't it? Well?
Yeah, it kinda is.
And I think that is where its power lies. Suppose it started on the Friday before labor day and extended to the following Friday? Suppose everyone withdrew their cash from the banks on Thursday night before the strike?
I propose the strike carry the message to end the Federal Reserve bank and return the issuance of moneys to the legislature. Just me thinking again.
What would your message be?
And please, keep it clean and thoughtful.

Note to self: Labor day week would be perfect for a general strike. The whole of Labor Day week including 9/11 memorials and then the 9/12's tea parties!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

That "God Damned Piece of Paper"

I remember and you probably do too, the furor over President Bush's reaction to one of his aides. The aide was pointing out (correctly) that certain of the administrations actions were unconstitutional.
"Stop throwing the constitution in my face!" he screamed "The Constitution is just a God damned piece of paper!"
Sadly, it appears that attitude still prevails in the oval office. The latest string of bills appear to be nothing less than an end-run around the Constitution. The expansion of power of the federal reserve, the cap and trade bill, both signal this administration's willingness to ignore any Constitutional litmus test.

Judge Andrew Napolitano read the 85-page 'wish list' published by the Obama white house working group. It was the judge's opinion that "the white house would consider the Constitution as no obstacle to the administration of their goals".

We are subject to warrantless wiretapping, warrantless search and seizure, suspension of habeus corpus and indefinite incarceration without benefit of council.

That "piece of paper" has recently been riddled with bad judgment and corruption at the highest levels.
This administration appears to be no better equipped to uphold or defend the "God damned piece of paper" but instead to ignore it or eviscerate it as it pleases.
This writer fears the worst.
Our Constitution is no longer the law of the land.