Sunday, June 28, 2009

That "God Damned Piece of Paper"

I remember and you probably do too, the furor over President Bush's reaction to one of his aides. The aide was pointing out (correctly) that certain of the administrations actions were unconstitutional.
"Stop throwing the constitution in my face!" he screamed "The Constitution is just a God damned piece of paper!"
Sadly, it appears that attitude still prevails in the oval office. The latest string of bills appear to be nothing less than an end-run around the Constitution. The expansion of power of the federal reserve, the cap and trade bill, both signal this administration's willingness to ignore any Constitutional litmus test.

Judge Andrew Napolitano read the 85-page 'wish list' published by the Obama white house working group. It was the judge's opinion that "the white house would consider the Constitution as no obstacle to the administration of their goals".

We are subject to warrantless wiretapping, warrantless search and seizure, suspension of habeus corpus and indefinite incarceration without benefit of council.

That "piece of paper" has recently been riddled with bad judgment and corruption at the highest levels.
This administration appears to be no better equipped to uphold or defend the "God damned piece of paper" but instead to ignore it or eviscerate it as it pleases.
This writer fears the worst.
Our Constitution is no longer the law of the land.

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