Sunday, August 23, 2009

"General Strike reporting, Sir!"

One of the sites I go to regularly has raised a question. What are the ramifications of using a general strike as a form of protest?
Here? In these United States?
Why that's nearly blasphemous. Isn't it? Well?
Yeah, it kinda is.
And I think that is where its power lies. Suppose it started on the Friday before labor day and extended to the following Friday? Suppose everyone withdrew their cash from the banks on Thursday night before the strike?
I propose the strike carry the message to end the Federal Reserve bank and return the issuance of moneys to the legislature. Just me thinking again.
What would your message be?
And please, keep it clean and thoughtful.

Note to self: Labor day week would be perfect for a general strike. The whole of Labor Day week including 9/11 memorials and then the 9/12's tea parties!

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