Saturday, December 12, 2009

Baroken O'Rolex

According to Bret Baier writing for Fox News “court documents say White House party crashers Michaele and Tareq Salahi tried to pay off a $2,000 landscaping debt with an expensive designer watch that turned out to be broken — a fake — and worth only about a $100.”
That’s seems symbolic of everything associated with this entire administration. “While the president was missing from the Copenhagen concert and many of the other Nobel events, a replacement was found. A cardboard cutout version of the American leader was seen on stage during a charity benefit concert Thursday.”
I’m surprised anyone noticed the difference.
This entire administration is like that Salahi watch; a fake Rolex.
Maybe more like a ‘tribute’ rock band. NOT THE REAL BEATLES, BUT AN INCREDIBLE SIMULATION! You’ll hear what you expect, but somehow it isn’t quite right. Something doesn’t ring true.
At the Nobel peace prize presentation an appropriate band would have been a ‘tribute’ version of WAR. It wouldn’t be Lonnie Jordan and David Archuleta but “an incredible simulation!”
Just like the war in Afghanistan, this president would have you believe it’s not a war, but an incredible simulation.
On the very face of it, trying to justify war while accepting a ‘peace prize’ is the ultimate hypocrisy.
Trying to justify astronomical deficit spending in the midst of a depression is just as bad.
Continuing to spend our treasure and spill the precious blood of our troops on people who don’t appreciate it is worse.
And just like that watch, this administration is broken—a fake—and worth less than $100.

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