Monday, December 28, 2009

Yes, that's Senator Baucus (D) Montana. The more cruel among us might say he is channeling Ted Kennedy. Now, this is no freshman senator. No, this is the architect of the health care reform bill. This senator doesn't just sit on the senate finance committee, he chairs it. If you or I showed up on the job in this condition, we would be peeing in a cup and almost immediately fired! Why are these clowns held to a different standard? What I'm getting at here is; this is supposed to be a leader of our Senate and representative of his constituents. He crafted the health care bill. He is chairman of arguably the most powerful committee in the senate.

Oh, yes. I'm aware it happens on both sides of the aisle. Because legislators from both sides of the aisle show up drunk doesn't excuse it. Senator Baucus better hope his stay in rehab is covered by the Senate's health care plan. But then, the senate in its foresight probably provided for that a long time ago.

This little episode gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "drunk on power".

Somebody do an intervention.

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