Friday, June 18, 2010

The Gulf Held Hostage

The Obama administration only appears colossally inept. They know exactly what they're doing. The disastrous blowout of the Deep Horizon rig is a crisis they can't afford to waste. An opportunist president with an agenda will use this awful event to further his destruction of our economy. How? He will press for the fatally flawed cap-and-trade legislation that promises to raise energy prices to unsustainable levels. The result will be a strangled economy, choked to death by a cascade of price increases and job losses.
Why is he dragging his feet? Why has he apparently dug in his heels when it comes to Gulf clean-up?
Because it advances his agenda
Mark these words, only after a cap-and-trade is signed will the administration make any concerted effort to clean up the oil.
If then.

This is especially painful to me. Florida has been my adopted home for 26 years. Its where I love to scuba dive and photograph wildlife. Because of the inaction of this administration, that may all be gone.

This administration is holding the Gulf hostage by foot-dragging and petty micro-managing (such as the supposed lack of life jackets on the oil-removal barges).

Just don't accept any promises from this administration. Remember, this is a dangerously destructive sociopath in the oval office. He's a habitual liar and fraud.

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