Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Moveable Feast

This administration is like a smorgasbord. I don't know where to start. Its a veritable buffet of gaffes, goofs and one-liners that make the last 18 months look like a gag reel from a sitcom. When I feel like weeping for my country, I just read the news. No, I don't laugh. I just fall in to a deep depression. Its like the study that found children aren't really amused by clowns, but in fact are frightened by them. The clowns in this administration have little entertainment value but they scare the hell out of me.
I guess its because I'm just a big kid.
Or are they really that frightening?
The short answer is yes.
I think its hilarious that Hamad Karzai prefers McChrystal over Obama. Now what does the president do? The disaster that is killing the Gulf of Mexico has been handled with the same sense of comic timing as a 1930's MGM musical.
Only no one is laughing.
The only people who show guts and initiative are local administrators. Hats off to Governor Bobby Jindal. Clown-in-chief Obama placed a moratorium on drilling and had it blocked by a judge. Then he doubled down on stupid with a second attempt to stop drilling ala Ken Salazar.
The supposed stimulus package only stimulated corruption on a scale that staggers the mind. An example comes from Florida's phantom 86th district .
$3.5 million on 6 jobs in a district that doesn't EXIST? Just where did that money go? That's only one example.
Now the clowns have enjoined Arizona in a suit against Arizona's Sb1070, a law modeled directly on federal law. Explain that one!
These frightening clowns have giggled their way through the last year an a half. They are reminiscent of the Carter administration, their feet on the white house furniture like so many punks partying while the adults are out.
The whole buffet table has started to stink to high heaven from the internal rot that is now becoming evident from the flies.

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