Friday, June 25, 2010

The Short Bus Stops In Milwaukee...

I'll begin with some begging.
I'm begging Ed Morrissey to get Milwaukee county supervisor Peggy West on his show. I just know the geography-challenged Ms West will provide high-order entertainment for us Ed heads.
And I just want to see another ignorant liberal get verbally savaged and publicly pounded. There are so many ignorant liberals it's hard to know where to start. The landscape is littered with leg-tinglers and Obots. It's what I used to call a target-rich environment.

Am I just being mean-spirited? In a word, yes.

What drives me to this kind of fury? Could it be the foot-dragging and stonewalling that has ruined the Gulf of Mexico? Could it be my adopted home state of 26 years is now just Indiana with palm trees? Because of bureaucratic bumbling so incredible it looks deliberate, I'm planning to move. I'll take what little acumen and financial support I can muster with me.
To Arizona.
I just won't ask Peggy West for directions.

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