Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bloggers; The Desaparecidos of the Internet.

73,000 blogs were shut down by order of the government in a sweeping move of what is reportedly a copyright infringement case. So why the blogs that were not involved in the alleged movie or music piracy? That's painting all on the blogetery with a wide brush.

Many fear this is the opening salvo in a battle for control of the internet.

During the Nixon administration, radio stations carrying anti-Nixon shows suddenly had difficulty getting their FCC broadcast licenses renewed. Could this be a defense out of the Nixon playbook?

How many of the 'disappeared' blogs were critical of this administration? How many we aggregators in the vein of Matt Drudge? No, I don't smell a conspiracy in everything, but this has a stench to it and it ain't roses.

The over-reaching grab for power over the internet has been closing it's ugly fist for some time. The idiotic proposal to tax email and a national tax on internet sales were but a few of the clumsy attempts to regulate something ungovernable.

I think I was most surprised to find the president was mandated authority to shut down the internet "in the interest of national security" (where have we heard that before?). Now the NSA is monitoring the internet allegedly for cyber attack warnings much like the echelon system. The NSA does not have a mission inside the borders of the United States.

So far, no reason was given for the blogetery server shut down other than 'repeated abuse'. Apparently Word Press has been enjoined to a gag order.

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