Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Clark Kent, Kryptonite and the Liberal Press

Andrew Breitbart tweeted yesterday a warning for liberals to "get some rest. Tomorrow's going to be a long day".
Breitbart obviously had forewarning of the Daily Caller's release of more Journolist shenanigans.

When I was a kid, Clark Kent was a real reporter. He was brave and honest, but he had a secret: His alter ego. This alter ego fought for truth, justice and the American way. He could fly, he had x-ray vision, Lois Lane wanted his babies, and he was indestructible.

Or so he thought.

It turns out he had a fatal weakness: Kryptonite.

Flash forward to today's reporters. They also have a secret. A generous majority now fight for spin, social justice and liberal politics. They pretend to see into the mind of the public, they advocate killing babies and they're indestructible.

Or so they thought.

Now comes the Journolist revelations. Kryptonite for today's Clark Kent. It seems the perceived liberal bias of the mainstream media is very real. There was a concerted effort to squash stories unflattering to the left. There was a very real plot to slant the news to favor the Obama campaign and minimize the damaging stories from the Wright church.
Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2010/07/20/documents-show-media-plotting-to-kill-stories-about-rev-jeremiah-wright/3/#ixzz0uEZsscFf

There was another such effort to label as racist those who disagreed with the Obama narrative. To quote the Jonathan Strong article in the Daily Caller: [Spencer] Ackerman did allow there were some Republicans who weren’t racists. Ackerman: “We’ll know who doesn’t deserve this treatment — Ross Douthat, for instance — but the others need to get it.”

Sort of belies the term 'mainstream media' doesn't it? Sadly the press has not been mainstream for a very long time.

Kryptonite, indeed. I only hope this news goes 100% viral. I hope this scorches every monitor on every desk in the world. Every laptop, notebook and web-enabled phone should be smoldering with this story. Please pass along the story. Not necessarily my blog, but share the link, go to Daily Caller and read it. Then pass it along.

And the most delicious part?

Its not over.

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