Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The disconnect, the discontent, the distortion

There is a growing body of evidence of the disconnect between this administration and the voters. Mort Zuckermann just admitted to writing one of Obama's speeches. Now, Zuckermann states Obama is "barely treading water".

I see it as circling the drain.

It's as if the administration of so many 'smart people' have given up any chance of re-connecting with the voters on any level. Passing legislation to 'see what's in it' had us slack-jawed at the audacity of the house. Following that with lies about the legislation they passed and backpedaling from 'misstatements' just begs the unreality of liberal thought. Their narrative was and is based on the theory of the Big Lie.

Now, as the voters rise as a body to protest the antics of the Obamaniacs, the convenient but dog-eared race card comes out. Tea party participants are labeled as evil racists by the NAACP. Rather than taking a responsible stance to defuse that bomb, Michelle Obama attends an NAACP rally to encourage blacks to "greater intensity". The same Michelle Obama quoted as saying "I'll be damned if all this fabulosity is going to go to waste reading Dr. Seuss to snot-nosed kids all day." (January 23, 2009). The same Michelle Obama that said "Dessert is not a right". It may not be a right, but I'll be damned if I'll give up the privilege because I was scolded by some gal with an ass like a Ford Taurus.

Obama appointed Charles Bolden to head NASA . Bolden promptly told Al-Jazeera Nasa' prime mission was to enhance the Muslim image. After the immediate negative public response, the white house defended Bolden's statement. Now, it appears (according to WH spokesman Gibbs) he 'misspoke'. It harkens back to the Nixon white house when lies were "statements no longer operative".

We have sociopath in the oval office.

Numerous articles have surfaced concerned with Obama's mental health. Little wonder we scratch our heads at the stumbling, stammering speech when he is caught without a teleprompter. Laura Ingrahm in her new book (The Obama Diaries) quotes Obama saying "They actually bought it when I promised a more perfect union. Hey, I AM the more perfect union."

Perfect if you are a union thug, illegal immigrant or a black panther. The stance this administration has taken on these issues alone is exactly 180 degrees out from public opinion. This 'more perfect union' is like a flywheel spinning so fast as to approach its design limit. When it comes apart the result will be catastrophic, painful and permanent. The only thing exceptional about this great nation will be its precipitous fall from first rate to third world.

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