Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Shouting the Unspeakable

Race war.

There. I want that to sink in.

I want you to think about it with all the power of your imagination. Imagine the rage. Imagine the pain and horror, blood, death and destruction.

Imagine the grief and heartache.

If it happens, the blame will lay squarely on the administration of Barack Hussein Obama.

This so-called administration has done nothing but fan the flames of racism by word and deed. Its as if they had some Machiavellian plan to encourage race hatred. Knowing full well the NAACP would condemn the Tea Party as racist, Michelle Obama addressed the gathering.

Her appearance is tacit approval of the declaration. The reaction was predictable.
The Tea party of Saint Louis declared the NAACP a racist organization actually beating the NAACP to the punch.

The revelations coming from the Department of Justice only widen the growing rift. The DOJ was ordered not to prosecute cases with black defendants and white plaintiffs. Now that same DOJ has enjoined the state of Arizona in a lawsuit condemning a state law (modeled on the federal law) for racial profiling. It failed to prosecute a slam-dunk case involving the black panthers and voter intimidation. It dropped the ball when it came to a clear-cut case of hate speech threatening to "kill some crackers and kill some cracker babies."

How to start a war? Threaten mama grizzlies' cubs.

Don't take the bait, ladies. I've been posting on a site that was founded in reaction to a threat to 'cracka babies'. The site is heavily populated with women who make clear in no uncertain terms their intentions should anyone come between them and their cubs. Ladies, please don't rise to the empty threats coming from street thugs who obviously need to compensate for some inadequacy. Their thug lives are so cheap it makes it easy to threaten others.

If I believed in conspiracy theories, I'd say this was a great opportunity for a false-flag operation. As convoluted as that sounds, it fits within the dictum "Never let a crisis go to waste."

How did we come to this?

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