Tuesday, July 6, 2010

We Needed This President

I'm going to pose an unpopular premise: we needed Barack Obama.

We needed an example of corruption to be held to the light. The very fact his Attorney general failed to prosecute the black panther case tells of his covert racism. Now NASA's mission includes pandering to the 'religion of peace'.

We needed an example of sycophants inflating an empty suit to national stature. His lack of experience is blatantly obvious, now even to the main stream media.

We needed to know how bloody awful socialism really is. Sixty percent of those polled now want Obamacare repealed. Can you keep your current health care plan? The president promised you could. Well, it turns out you can't after all. The administration scoffed at the idea of 'death panels'. Well, it turns out you may be 'evaluated' for the level of care you receive. Do you have a pre-existing condition? You may have the sympathies of the administration and little else.

We needed to see the destructive foot-dragging on all fronts that cry out for immediate action. We needed to see the failure to secure the border with Mexico. We needed to see the unbelievable bureaucratic mess that is the Gulf 'clean-up'. We needed to see our allies denigrated and our president bow to those who denigrate us. We needed to see our foreign policy eviscerated and left to die.

We needed to see just how badly the left has degenerated to elect this poor excuse for a man.
Now, the patriots of this country should record this mistake in detail. I pray they will teach this to every young person in every school that accepts federal funds.

I hope you will join me in a prayer for our Republic.

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