Saturday, May 21, 2011

Proud People

The president of the United States wants you to be proud of him. He will tell you so in no uncertain terms. In a recent address supposedly to praise the CIA, he used the pronoun “I” thirty-five times.
            Yes, it is a matter of pride.
What this author is referring to is pride in you, pride in his fellow citizens. You have been tolerant throughout this, the most cavalierly corrupt and blatantly dishonest administration in the history of our country. You have been stoic through the worst economic times since the Great Depression. You have shown grace and tolerance far beyond the limits of any other nation. Our citizens have met adversity with resilience, loss with charity, and suffering with humor characteristic of our proud nation. You are the most inventive, industrious people on the planet. You are a nation of firm handshakes and solid eye contact. You give without a thought of repayment. You respond to emergencies without a thought for your own safety. You respect the rights and property of others. You stand for our anthem and cherish our flag.
You do yourselves proud, and unlike some people, you’ve been proud of your country all your life.

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