Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cynicism Has Replaced Ennui as the National Mood.

While presumably born on this Earth, (if not certain just where on the planet), Barack Hussein Obama is at such a disconnect from the citizens of the U.S. that it appears he is in an orbit entirely his own. This is a paradox. Being in his own orbit, he can't be here. Yet he regularly shows up on golf courses and vacation spots on this continent. He can apparently bi-locate and assume the shape of a human being.

I point out the disconnect so severe that it defies belief. When approached by Governor Jindal (about the loss of jobs) concerning a drilling moratorium, The Won countered "Governor, they can all apply for unemployment."

This president hardly deserves the title. He's convinced he is the light of the world when in fact he's a Zippo lighter with no flint. His faltering, fumbling, halting, weak, incompetent, corrupt, callous, tone-deaf administration has driven public confidence in elected officials to a new low. Cynicism has replaced ennui as the national mood. Irony has become the norm and the gallows humor writes itself.

This administration has become it's own bumper sticker.

The crashing, cosmic stupidity of this administration had some of us thinking it was the result of a concerted deliberate effort to undermine the economy, the sovereignty and the foreign policy of this once-great nation. Now I'm convinced its just plain incompetence. A total lack of any experience outside of community organizing translates to an administration that leaves us shaking our heads and counting the days to November. 

I'm counting the days to January 20th, 2013.

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