Saturday, July 16, 2011

Nine Meals From Anarchy

Dear Mr. Florey,
I have heard from quite a few concerned seniors and veterans in the last few days.  The concern stems from the President's suggestion that Social Security and other benefits won't get paid in the absence of a deal to raise the debt ceiling.  This is a scare tactic, pure and simple. 
Spending on Social Security, Medicare, veterans' benefits and our troops has already been authorized by Congress, and the President has the authority to continue funding these priorities.  If he chooses not to, it will be his decision and his alone
As Sheriff, I always had a contingency plan - hope for the best, but plan for the worst.  My hope is that the President won't play games with your Social Security check, but his current posturing doesn't inspire much confidence.  Instead of just throwing in the towel and hoping it all works out, Congressman Webster and I are taking action to make sure that seniors and our troops continue to get all that they have earned. 
The legislation we introduced would not leave it up to chance.  It would force the President and Treasury Secretary to prioritize remaining revenues to ensure that the troops get paid, that Social Security, Medicare, and veterans' benefits continue to be paid, and that America continues to pay its debt.
There clearly won't be enough revenue coming in to pay for everything in the federal budget, but there will be enough to pay for these priorities.  To see how this would work, please visit my website at  If you have any other concerns, please don't hesitate to call.  You can reach me at 866-492-4835
Richard Nugent
Member of Congress

Dear Congressman Nugent,

Thank you for your timely message. I no longer live in your district but I appreciate your concern.
My concern is a very real one. We are, as it has been said, only nine meals away from anarchy. As a former law enforcement officer, you are well aware of what happens when individual needs are not met. There are people who will take the law into their own hands or ignore it altogether.
When, not 'if', this president withholds funding for entitlements, people who never so much as dreamed of breaking the law will be more than willing to do whatever it takes to feed their families.
Worse than that, the entire U.S. economy will collapse under the accelerated inflation and abrupt halt of cash flow.
In short, we are nine meals from anarchy. While some of us have made preparations, we are in the minority. I fear there will be a national emergency of epic proportions, unimaginable in its scope and magnitude.
This president has clearly demonstrated his willingness to ignore both the house and the senate. I don't believe any legislative efforts will deter him from his destructive policies. I fear for this country, for the United States as we knew it.
I thank you for your continuing efforts to save it.

At your service,

Michael R Florey


  1. We may or may not be on divergent thought paths. I am of the opinion that TARP was a huge mistake, ALL the stimulus infusions were a huge mistake, cash for clunkers was a huge mistake, bailing out ANY fiduciary/banking agency was a HUGE mistake, bailing out ANY corporation was a HUGE mistake. It all should have been allowed to come to a much earlier staggering thump and heady crash; had that occurred, we would already be on the road to a kind of recovery that we've done nothing but delay.

    When you delay this kind of thing, as Life generally goes, when the crash comes it will be larger, louder, longer and incredibly more painful.

    This government can stop right now as far as I'm concerned, and the debt ceiling should never be raised again. The abject insanity simply has to stop. Anyone with a molecule of common sense knows you don't spend to save money. Or get yourself out of debt. If this were a "given" there would be no foreclosures and no poor people. We'd just spend and spend and spend money we don't have. That's how insane it's become.

    No extension of the debt ceiling. Let the failure come, if it comes at all due to halting the debt ceiling explosion.

    If anarchy comes, it won't be from Caucasoid middle classes; it will come from those on welfare and sucking entitlements and Free Cheese in high-population centers, moms whose baby-daddies are well-armed gangbangers driving Lexuses and Mercedes and Donks of all shapes.

    I live 91 miles away from where I work in a population center. I am well-armed, well-stocked, lots of ammo, and I'm old enough to be quite grouchy.


  2. We agree more than we disagree. The problem has been delayed far too long. Shut 'er down. I've a couple of caches, long-term storage food, several noisemakers loaded with man-killers, a tack-driving 30_06 and a retreat three days march from the highway. mmmm...venison.