Monday, September 5, 2011

"Because we've always done it that way."

I hate that phrase. It's the worst possible excuse for making the same mistake over and over. I heard it a lot when I worked in the manufacturing industry. While trying to make the best of machinery, manpower, methods and material, I would hear that damnable phrase. 
People are resistant to change. They don't like a hiccup in their routine. Its comforting and familiar, sort of like the litany at mass.
Now it shows up in the House of representative as a rebuff to junior representatives.
It's obstructionist to refuse to compromise. If you stand on you principles, you won't get anything done.
The go-along-to-get-along RINOs and Barack Hussein Obama can shoulder the blame for putting us where we are. The last thing we need is more mutual backscratching from the liberals and the weak sister Republicans. Why do the Republicans feel they must compromise and trade with the "fundamental reformation" of our once-proud nation?
I tell you there IS NO NEED to compromise. Putting our collective feet down is easy. Its even assisted by gravity, people! We showed our dissatisfaction with the House of representatives in 2010. It was as easy as voting. We didn't vote the establishment line. We didn't go along to get along. We played by our own rules.
There is no reason or excuse to continue to 'deal' with the progressives. Call us obstructionists, but call us long distance. The days of smoke-filled back room deals are over. True transparency will "fundamentally transform" some on capitol hill from from shady representatives to inmates at a federal prison. So be it. The push for true transparency means we can see right through the smoke and mirrors of legislative obfuscation and double-dealing. No more compromise. "Because we've always done it that way" is the worst possible excuse to keep doing something wrong.

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  1. The shitstorm is already beginning to form. As went Greece, so various elements are hoping goes the United States. Unions are shipping professional protesters to New York and DC. Students and other unproductive non-workers are gathering against -- well, I'm sure they can't quite define what the protests are against, with specificity. They just know that, like students in the 60s, protesting is "cool." I know. I was there. I am that old. Been there done that.

    The shitstorm, it is brewing indeed.