Thursday, June 21, 2012

Texas Hold 'em

Just what kind of hand is Darryl Issa holding? 
We've seen what  has been dealt so far, so why is the White House now in the 'man the lifeboats' mode reported by the white House insider? According to the WHI, the White House is furiously re-arranging deck chairs. "Received in-house word regarding “scrambling” at the White House.   Something has them very spooked.  I hinted at this to you last week regarding the meeting that had staff coming out looking very concerned. The Grassley message had to have shook them up.  Told Issa has been repeating comparisons to Watergate to staff and fellow House members.  White House must be aware Issa and Co. might have something that could inflict a hell of a lot of damage."
The buzz is that Issa's office holds a card that could possibly bring down the Obama administration. The key word being 'possibly'. That all depends on the Republican members of both houses actually finding their balls. 
Barack Hussein Obama has, by his grant of executive privilege, bound himself inextricably to the 'Fast and Furious' gunrunning debacle. He owns it now, however unintentionally. 
Imagine this scenario: The Attorney General resigns under threat of prosecution, Barack Hussein Obama is impeached and found guilty of malfeasance of office. He resigns ala Nixon. Joe Biden becomes president. 
Hillary Clinton is named the 2012 Democratic presidential candidate.